Claudine Land

Claudine has been a resident of Trussville since 2005. She spent 20+ years in the marketing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and prescription monitoring industry, before becoming the owner and Business Strategist of Virtual Ingenuity, LLC, a Trussville-based organization that provides marketing/business management, content writing, and project management across time zones. Her business offers services to health adjacent businesses focused on improving efficiency, effectiveness, and profits through optimized strategic planning. For over ten years, Claudine has been very active in the Trussville community and has had the honor to serve on various committees within Trussville City Schools, which include the Parent Advisory Council, Calendar Committee, Parent Teacher Organization, Textbook Committee, District Committee, Accreditation Team, Diversity Team, and Tax Committee, to name a few.

Claudine is a native of Jamaica, West Indies, loves to travel, and enjoys gardening and performing fitness challenges with her family. She is married to Ravoyl Land, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual, and has two children in the Trussville City School system.