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Lee Marlow
Realty South Trussville, Trussville City Schools Foundation

The community of Trussville is very fortunate to have the Trussville City Schools Foundation to enhance our students’ educational experience. I have seen firsthand how impactful the foundation is for our teachers and students and look forward to seeing it continue to grow in the future. I made a financial commitment to the Foundation years ago, and now serve as an active board member because I know what a positive difference it is making for Trussville City Schools.

Johnny Amari
Board Member of Trussville City Schools Foundation

The board, administrators, superintendent, and especially the teachers for Trussville City Schools have top-notch talent and demand excellence. I choose to support the Trussville schools because I know that my support will be used to help keep the standards high, which I know benefits all students.

Amy Prickett
MUSH Grant Recipient, Librarian, Cahaba Elementary School

The MUSH grants have provided high-tech equipment to help Cahaba Elementary create a more authentic and relevant learning experience.  The Trussville City Schools Foundation facilitates a pathway for Trussville citizens to directly impact and improve student learning.