September 2021

Amanda Hatcher

Congratulations Amanda Hatcher from Paine Elementary This project is to develop an outdoor communication board that will provide our non-verbal students additional support for continued learning opportunities and to encourages language stimulation in additional school settings (i.e., the playground). It will provide teaching opportunities for ALL of our students (those who are non-verbal or have […]

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Amy Prickett

Congratulations to Amy Prickett, Jami Mills, and Mary Wilson at Cahaba Elementary Prompting Our Student Speakers! They were rewarded a MUSH Grant to sponsor the purchase of a teleprompter for our students at CES, primarily our students who participate in the TedEd Enrich Program. 4th and 5th-grade students at Cahaba have the opportunity to participate

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Ryan Hook

Congratulations Ryan Hook at Magnolia Elementary! I am requesting $875 to purchase a one-year subscription of Gizmos from Explore Learning. Gizmos are interactive online math and science simulations that drive deep conceptual understanding through inquiry-based learning. With Gizmos, a teacher can take difficult concepts and provide an environment where their students can visualize, experiment, and

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